I have a number of years of experience in video journalism – both from my time as a producer and presenter for the London-based YouTube channel Truthloader (see below) and, more recently, from my time as an assistant foreign editor at The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi.

My video work for The National:

I helped to produce the first ever videos for the newspaper’s foreign desk at a time when resources for video were very low.

Examples of videos I shot and produced for The National using an iPhone for filming and photography and iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro software for editing:

My video work for Truthloader:

Run by ITN Productions, Truthloader was a multi-award nominated YouTube channel which focused on international news and feature stories for a young adult audience. It has since been taken over by another company and renamed “Point“.

During my time there I produced and presented several videos a week, both independently and in collaboration with my colleagues. A significant part of the job involved video editing and I gained an excellent working knowledge of the software Avid NewsCutter.

A sample of videos I produced and presented for Truthloader: